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Firefox tweaks after a fresh install

July 3, 2011

When I do a new Firefox installation (e.g. on a new computer), following tweaks are the things that I almost do immediately. These improve my Internet browsing and productivity. These adjustments will be done in a new tab by typing about:config.

1. Search in a new tab

One of the most annoying things for me is when you do a search its results brought to the screen that you reading. I always like the search results in a new tab.

In Filter section type tab and find Change it to true by double-clicking on it.

2. Do not switch to the new tab

Even the “switch immediately” box not checked as you can see below, Firefox switches immediately when you open a link in a new tab. To fix this, in the about:config tab find the browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground and make it true by double-clicking on it.

3. Open links at the end of tabs

Firefox opens new tabs to the right of the parent tab. Some may like this. However, when I have many tabs it is easy for me to switch to the new one if it is opened at the end. So find the browser. tabs. insertRelatedAfterCurrent and change it to false this time.

I feel more comfortable with these changes and thanks to Firefox’s easy to use and feature rich about:config tab.


KDE & Firefox Fonts

May 3, 2007

Original configuration of KDE and Firefox font settings in Gentoo and Slackware 11.0:

Firefox backspace action

March 12, 2007

If you use Firefox on windows, backspace takes you one page back in the session history. In Linux builds after 12/06/2006, Alt+left arrow does the same thing. If you want to change this behavior what you have used to, type about:config in the address bar. You will see a long list. Then find browser.backspace_action and change its value to 0 (zero) by right clicking and selecting modify. Detailed information can be found at mozillaZine.