Hi and Welcome to my blog,

I am a 30 years old aerospace engineer who is eager to learn and discover new things. I started my Linux adventure about three years ago. A couple of years back than this, a friend suggested it but I didn’t want to try. I think the hassle to dual boot my HP Pavilion desktop to WinXP and Win2000 was enough for me. I regret that I didn’t use my friend’s expertise to learn and use Linux at that time.

I’d like to share my experiences, tweaks, tips and may be some thoughts about Linux and related things. I also wanted to have an online notebook so that I can reach my solved Linux problems which I spent many hours to find a solution. So the efforts won’t be wasted and forgotten. These may work for you or not, nothing is guaranteed.

Here I am not limiting myself with Linux but the main object is that. I may add different subjects by the time. Thanks for stopping by.


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