Terrible Experience of Ubuntu 7.10 Installation

Almost a disastrous install on Toshiba M40 laptop !

I was not expecting this from Ubuntu. First problem was at partitioning. I have a windows partition located at /dev/sda1. I changed the mount point of this partition to /windows but I suggest to leave it as /media/sda1. Otherwise it stucks at creating ext3 file system for /. Then you need to run Gparted and unmount the windows partition so installer can continue. I spent many hours to find this. This might be a bug because it did not happen in Kubuntu 7.10.

Installation was OK but when I logged in I saw about 400 packages waiting to be upgraded. This surprised me because I wasn’t expecting this much upgrade for a new released distro. Update was slow because of heavy trafiic through servers but went flawless. I think waiting a week after a new release is a good idea.

The second part of the problem was screen resolution. Gutsy installs nvidia-glx-new (100.14.19) as default. If you have a 6xxx or 7xxxx series card, I suggest to use nvidia-glx driver(1.0.9639). With the new driver it can never activate it and falls back to 640×480 resolution. This is my nvidia card:

lspci -nn|grep 300
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce Go 6600] [10de:0148] (rev a2)

I first did the full upgrade without enabling restricted drivers. Then restarted the computer and installed nvidia-glx driver from synaptic. Then changed the “nv” driver section of my xorg.conf file to “nvidia” and CTRL+Alt+Backspace. You can do the following trick if borders of the windows are gone when you activate compiz-fusion from System –> Preferences –> Appearance:

sudo nvidia-xconfig --add-argb-glx-visuals -d 24

I added medibuntu repos for the non-free stuff like acrobat reader. The instructions are here. Basically add the repo and the gpg key:

sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/gutsy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list
wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

For Java and Acrobat Reader type the following:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-plugin acroread acroread-escript acroread-plugins mozilla-acroread

Now, everything works. It took me almost a day to accomplish all this. I installed Ubuntu two times and Kubuntu once to get it rightcubeswift. Good luck.


2 Responses to “Terrible Experience of Ubuntu 7.10 Installation”

  1. sr Says:


    I have Toshiba M40 as well but the cd-rom not working. I want to install Ubuntu to it, but the Windows crashed and I had to format it. Now, with m40, u don’t have USB boot option in BIOS.

    U have any idea how to get Ubuntu installed to my harddisk?


    • parsek Says:

      I have never been in a situation like this, cd-rom broken. I may suggest to use an external cd-rom but I am not sure if this works since you need to connect it via usb. Another option is to boot from network. However, you need another machine to connect. I am sorry I can not help you much on this. I hope you find a quick solution.

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