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Creative WebCam Live On Suse 10.2

May 26, 2007


lsusb gives the following output for the webcam shown above:


AMD DDR2 Speeds

May 8, 2007

AMD’s AM2 type socket can support DDR2-533, DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 type memories. But if you don’t pay attention to the processor’s clock speed you may not get the full memory bandwidth. The reason is that the memory bus speed is not achieved from the CPU base clock (which is 200MHz). It’s getting it by dividing CPU internal clock. If the processor has an odd number or 1/2 number multiplier than you won’t be able to utilize the full memory speed. This shouldn’t matter for daily workloads unless you use memory-intensive applications. You may pick one that has a frequency multiples of 400 MHz. I put a table below showing some of the AMD’s socket AM2 X2 (dual-core) processors and their specifications:

KDE & Firefox Fonts

May 3, 2007

Original configuration of KDE and Firefox font settings in Gentoo and Slackware 11.0: