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Installing VMware Server

March 18, 2007

VMware server is free but you need to get register to get the serial number. You can download the rpm and register from The rpm that I downloaded was VMware-server-1.0.2-39867.i386.rpm. First you need to make sure you have the kernel source, make, gcc and gcc-c++. Type the following to find out you have the necessary packages:


Mpeg from pictures

March 16, 2007

I needed to generate animations from the pictures which were post processed after a computational fluid dynamics simulation. I didn’t want to use analysis software tools because it was generating the movie for just one variable at a time. I needed for more than four variables. So I decided to capture images from post processor and handle myself to save time. I had to use mpeg_encode for this. With the help of imagemagick and Perl it’s an easy job.

Simple .bashrc and custom prompt

March 12, 2007

After I installed Slackware 11.0 on my desktop as a virtual OS, I saw that there wasn’t any default .bashrc file under my home directory. I just needed basic things like a custom prompt, colorful ls list and some aliases. Copy the following to your .bashrc under /home/yourusername:

Firefox backspace action

March 12, 2007

If you use Firefox on windows, backspace takes you one page back in the session history. In Linux builds after 12/06/2006, Alt+left arrow does the same thing. If you want to change this behavior what you have used to, type about:config in the address bar. You will see a long list. Then find browser.backspace_action and change its value to 0 (zero) by right clicking and selecting modify. Detailed information can be found at mozillaZine.

Suse 10.2 YAST Sources

March 12, 2007

I like to have an updated system. Suse is very good for providing KDE updates which is my default desktop. I use YAST for software management. I removed the ZMD and related packages. To do this type the following on the console:

Some background with distros

March 8, 2007

I started to use Linux with Mandrake on my desktop computer, version 9.2 or 10 don’t remember. It was just a curiosity. I even didn’t know the urpmi, online repositories, dependencies … Although my only source for the packages was the iso CDs, they had more than enough. But I remember my first ssh to my home machine from work. It was a big deal for me. Then I tried this distro on my father’s Compaq laptop because I didn’t have one. Getting the usb working was not easy.


Hello world!

March 6, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!